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Mary Lopez, 71 years young..patching since August 2022.
Prior to patching
 ⁃ having considerable pain in knees.  
– had MRIs, and the doctors advised eventually knee replacement.    
–  went to a chiropractor that offered stem cell injections…the cost was unaffordable.
 ⁃ Received x39 samples but had not tried it right away.. – – Knee Pain got so bad, she decided to try them
– Within minutes, pain Gone
 ⁃ Within 3 weeks skin transformed and it was no longer dried out but very soft, husband noticed it first.
 ⁃ sleep much better now, off of Sominex, a sleep aide that I’ve used for 20 plus years.

Sharon A
On the patches for 30 days,

 ⁃ Had bad fall where her right arm was outstretched.
– results were a broken wrist, two broken bones in the upper arm which included a split in the humerus, and chipping the Head of the humerus.
– Immediately pulled patches from other parts of her body to her shoulder.

 • Her wrist healed in nine days.
 • Her entire arm healed in 2 1/2 weeks.
 •Never had to take any pain pills at any given time.



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