What is the Best Time of Day to Do Back Exercises?

Back exercises are best done first thing in the morning. After being in bed all night your back can often be stiff and the exercises will help loosen you up as well as waking up the support muscles of the spine. And we have a simple back exercise routine that takes less than five minutes to do. Here is our video Three Best Back Exercises.

Your muscles need to be properly warmed up before the strengthening part of the routine. This will help them improve in a healthy way and prevent injury. So start slowly and gradually build up the intensity. Don’t worry too much about stretching before exercise, it doesn’t help.

How Often Should You Do Back Exercises

The key to strengthening your back is to do the exercises consistently. We recommend doing daily exercises at the same time every day so you get into a routine. Doing the exercises once a week or only if you feel the back hurting won’t help much.

If you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find an hour or two each day to dedicate to a full fitness workout. But if you can do this simple back routine for a few minutes at least three times per week, there are benefits that go beyond eliminating back pain. Studies have shown that those who work out regularly have lower stress levels and stronger immune systems. People who do regular back exercises get far less pain than people who don’t.

Is Pain in Your Back Normal When You Exercise?

You might find that doing these back exercises hurts a bit. This is normal. You are making your back work hard so the muscles will respond by getting stronger. If you don’t work them hard enough then they won’t benefit. Mild discomfort in your back during or after exercise is okay. If the pain tips over into moderate or severe pain then stop – you’re overdoing it. Our Sundial Back Exercises Programme is designed to be easy on the back.

If you want a specific back pain programme for your problem then get in touch. Our chiropractors and physio can help.

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