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by Karen on 02/25/2023


Great session, left feeling wonderful.

Reflexology Session

My reflexology session with Karen was outstanding! The one-hour reflexology session was relaxing, my tension melted away and my feet and lower back felt much better. I highly recommend working with her as she really knows her craft and loves what she does!

Submitted by Prismatic Flower Essences Llc on 10/31/2022


Karen is very knowledgeable and thorough with her consultations. She relieves my plantar fasciitis. She has magic hands.

Submitted by Teresa on 10/11/2022


Karen is a talented and.knowledgeable reflexologist, she has helped me with sciatica.and foot issues

Submitted by Christina on 10/10/2022

So helpful

Provided me with reflexology and foot orthotics that helps my kidneys and eyes, and provides relief from my sciatica and back pain. Would highly recommend.

Submitted by Steve H on 10/09/2022

Shawn Rizzo

I had fallen off my porch onto the cement and fractured my sacrum and broke my Coccyx. I was still on pain medication until I started doing reflexology with Karen. I’m feeling better and have not had to take medicine as long as I see Karen regularly. Highly recommend for even relaxing but she has helped me physically! She’s a God send.  Definitely come see her, you’ll feel like a new person!

Submitted by Shawn Rizzo on 02/15/2022

No Pain, All Gain

After having issues with walking straight as a child, as well as frustrating pain as an adult, I am amazed at the difference custom orthotics can truly make! I stand taller and walk better, all with something specifically tailored to my needs. Karen’s expertise in what makes your body tick has helped me have less pain and be able to do more of what I love.

Submitted by Samantha Claire on 02/15/2022

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