Look After Your Back for Christmas with Sundial’s Do’s and Don’ts

As the Christmas holidays are almost here, it’s time to look forward to staying at home in the warm, sitting down for longer than usual and (quite possibly) eating rather a lot of nice food. The build-up to Christmas can be frenetic and the stress certainly takes its toll . At Sundial we often notice an increase in back and neck problems around now. So what happens?

Taking a break is all about relaxing (even with a Christmas dinner to cook) and provides a perfect excuse to lounge about. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problems arise when you lounge for long periods in positions which strain your back and neck. 

If your daily work life takes place in an office, the chances are your workstation will be ergonomically arranged so your back and neck are well looked after. You’ll normally be moving about throughout the day, perhaps having a brisk daily walk and maybe spending time at a gym. Even if you don’t have to leave the house for work every day, during the rest of the year there’ll be routines integrated into your week which get you out and about. Christmas and New Year can break all those good habits.

So …

  • Don’t be tempted to perch half-on/half-off the bed in a slightly contorted position, reading emails on your laptop – make sure you’re levelled out, preferably on a chair supportive of the lower back, with feet fully on the floor and screen at eye level.
  • Don’t get involved in social media on your mobile for so long that you forget that your poor neck is supporting that heavy head in a difficult position. Hold your phone up, look up – or place your phone on a surface at eye level. Save yourself from the strain of ‘Tech Neck’.
  • Don’t be tempted to lounge on a soft sofa which doesn’t provide enough back support. Put some cushions in place to support the lumbar region, keep your buttocks level and change your position frequently. Don’t sit for hours with your legs crossed.
  • Do keep up the habits of a daily walk (it’s especially important at this time of year to get out in sunlight), doing your home exercises, yoga or weight training  –  these routines will make your days feel more energised and keep your back and neck flexible.
  • Do bend your knees if you are getting a turkey in and out of the oven on Christmas Day.


If you do experience ill effects, come and see us for a check up – or book in now for your New Year’s appointment.

Happy Christmas!

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