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Hi, and welcome to my listing page. 

When a student is ready, the teacher appears, so it’s no coincidence that you landed here. 

My role as your Divine Transformational Alignment therapist is to guide you to the emotions trapped in your body that manifest as pain and discomfort. When you allow yourself to receive the awareness, you can move forward with small steps to create a place for your body to self-heal at the best pace. I won’t give you the answers, yet I will guide you toward the solutions inside you. 

Each session with me is unique and custom-designed with you in mind. We will start with me sending you an email to establish a connection, and then we’ll go from that place of awareness. Even before you and I meet in person, I’ve already taken notes and spiritually connected with your energy body to prepare for your session. 

Please be aware that a session with me is not your typical massage where you’ll be sent home with self-care exercises or homework. Instead, it’s up to me to guide you to the answers, and it’s up to you to act upon what shows up. Remember, self-healing begins in the action you take on the answers you receive from your body. 

I’m excited to begin working with you on your journey to discovery and healing. Thanks for the opportunity.


You can learn more about me and my work with these three links:

About Me

My work

My work principles

Small disclaimer:

*If you’re looking for a quick, magic massage and bodywork fix, plenty of massage therapists offer that. I offer a chance for you to look at your pain and discomfort by meeting you where you’re at and opening the doors for you to see what’s on the other side. You’ll receive excellent bodywork and massage with the opportunity to move through your pain and discomfort with open eyes, awareness, and truth. 

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