How To Prevent Back Pain in Children


It’s back to school time! Back pain in children is far more common than you might think, and carrying heavy school supplies can sometimes make it worse. However, these problems are easily alleviated by paying attention to your child’s posture, the weight they’re carrying and how much exercise they’re getting. Read on for some simple ways to prevent children’s back pain as they go back to school.

  1. Pack light. School bags often have more in them than a child really needs, so it’s useful to reduce unnecessary weight to prevent back strain. Back packs should not weigh more than 10% of your child’s weight.
  2. Adjust the straps. Make sure the straps don’t fit too loosely so the spine and shoulders don’t have to compensate for the weight. 
  3. Make sure the straps are at least two inches wide to distribute weight better. It’s also worth choosing a bag with padded straps to prevent shoulder pain.
  4. Use both shoulders. Habitually carrying a backpack on one shoulder causes muscle strain and contributes over time to headaches and a stiff neck. This is also the case for adults who tend to carry heavy briefcases or suitcases on the same side. 
  5. Pay attention to posture. The weight of backpacks can sometimes cause a child’s posture to change in order to accommodate the load. If your child’s back or neck looks hunched or angled forward while carrying a backpack, it might be worth arranging a check-up for them. 
  6. Put the heavier items closer to your child’s back. This will prevent the weight from dragging downwards and making the bag feel even heavier. 
  7. Use supportive insoles. Insoles that come with shoes are often of low quality so it’s worth trying a soft, supportive replacement that has good inner arch support. This can help maintain a healthy posture and can lessen aches and pains that can build up over a school day. 
  8. Exercise. Children have to spend a lot of time sitting still at school, so it’s important to make sure they’re getting enough exercise in the meantime. This can help with core strengthening and makes it easier over time for them to carry heavy loads. 


If you think your child could benefit from a chiropractic check-up, don’t hesitate to book an appointment at Sundial Clinic. We’re always happy to help you. 

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