Fibromyalgia: Homeopathic treatment can help

Fibromyalgia: Homeopathic treatment can help


By Sujata Owens


The use of natural, gentle, legal and nontoxic homeopathic medicine is on the rise due to its proven effectiveness.  Homeopathic remedies for pain management such as Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum and Chamomilla are now on the shelves of major retail stores and natural food stores. Homeopathy emphasizes restoring balance in a natural and gentle way. It has been practiced all around the world since the early 19th century. Fibromyalgia is one of the many pain conditions homeopathy can treat.


What is Homeopathy?


The main three tenets of homeopathy are law of similars, law of minimum dose and law of individualization. The first law tells us to always find a matching remedy that has a set of symptoms similar to what is presented by the client. The second law, the law of minimum dose, asks us to use the remedy in a strength that is minimum and optimum as needed by the client to restore health. This second law is the source of the biggest controversy about homeopathy in conventional medicine: many homeopathic products are so diluted that no molecules of the original substance remain. Yet, these gentle medicines have been proven effective again and again in scientific studies. The third law, law of individualization, emphasizes selecting the remedy that is most matching for the whole person and not just the parts. Thus, homeopathy can result in freedom from pain, while enhancing health and vitality on many other levels.


Find a Homeopathic Practitioner


Homeopaths are able to treat people who have fibromyalgia effectively by bringing the individual back into balance. They do this by customizing their treatment for each client based on that individual’s unique pattern of symptoms.


In addition, homeopathy is one of the most popular alternative treatments for fibromyalgia. This is in part because homeopathic remedies are not known to interact with other medicines used in the treatment of this condition.


Fibromyalgia sufferers can experience stiffness, fatigue, muscle pain, numbness, headaches (often migraine), dizziness, burning or prickling sensations, gastrointestinal disturbances, memory and concentration problems, sleep disorders and various states of anxiety and depression.


Fibromyalgia is NOT a form of muscular rheumatism. It is a type of neurotransmitter dysfunction that amplifies pain.


The homeopathic approach to fibromyalgia


Below are three examples of patients who found relief through homeopathic treatment:


  1. Client A described her pains as a sore, bruised feeling. She also felt stiffness and complained that when she would lie on her bed, she felt the bed was too hard. Her problems started after a fall from a horse. Her symptoms were worse from touch, movement, and damp cold. She was better upon waking. I gave her Arnica. She has remained symptom-free by taking a dose once every few months.


  1. Client B described her pains as aching, stitching, and tearing pains. She was worse with every movement, hot weather, and touch. She was better by lying still and resting. She loved the pressure of deep massages. Her pain was worse when lying on her right side which was her most painful side. She felt better when applying heat. I gave her Bryonia with great success.


  1. Client C described her pains as tearing, shooting pains in her arms and legs. Her symptoms were brought on and made worse by cold, damp conditions. She noticed that her fibromyalgia pains would alternate between indigestion and skin rashes. She felt better in warm and dry weather and when she was active and moving. I gave her Dulcamara. She has used the remedy once a month for three months and is experiencing good health. 


I’ve given the remedy Rhus toxicodendron to fibromyalgia clients who experience stiffness and tightness; rigidity in muscles which is worse when first moving in the morning, but better with continued motion; who are worse in cold, damp weather and better in warm weather and rooms.


I’ve found the remedy Ruta useful when ligaments are painful and tender; when clients have the sensation of stiffness and general aching which was worse after much effort and in cold, wet conditions or lying down. Clients who need Ruta feel better when moving. One client who did well with Ruta had previously been experiencing restless leg syndrome. She was happy to have that symptom gone which led to better sleep.


Why choose homeopathic treatment?


With the emergence of new evidence that fibromyalgia is a chronic lifelong disease, there has been increasing emphasis on maintenance treatment to keep the person free of symptoms.


  1. Since homeopathy aims to remove the root cause of the illness, people often experience freedom from pain and increased energy with a few doses of an individualized homeopathic remedy. Over time they can generally take the remedy less often.


  1. Homeopathic medicine is nontoxic and rarely causes side-effects.


  1. Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive. The only significant cost of homeopathic treatment is the consultation with a homeopathy practitioner. Once the person has responded well to the homeopathic remedy, appointments are infrequent.


  1. Homeopathy treats the whole person. Not only do the fibromyalgia symptoms improve, often other physical, mental and emotional complaints get better as well.


Homeopathic medicines chosen by a professional homeopathy practitioner can often help fibromyalgia sufferers find significant and sustained relief without side-effects.


Sujata Owens is a certified homeopath and homeopathic master clinician at Vital Force Consulting, Inc. in Northfield, Minnesota. She can be contacted by email at or by phone at (507) 581-1114. Visit her website at


To find a homeopath near you, search the Alternative Pain Treatment Directory or visit:



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