Ease Muscle Tension With A Dr Graeme Massager

It’s no secret that most people love a massage, but there’s no reason why it should only be a treat every now and then.

We know it’s not always possible to see a professional massage therapist, due to time and money constraints. However, you can pick up a Professional Strength General Purpose Massager by Dr Graeme, a chiropractor-approved massage tool that gives amazing results for £59 here at Sundial, Queens Road. It’s also a great Christmas present!

  • Improves mobility. If your muscles are tight and your joints feel stiff, the Dr Graeme Massager helps to free up your range of movement, making it easier to go about your day. In fact, chiropractors and physiotherapists often use this exact tool with their patients. This massager helps to relieve tight muscles and is particularly effective for thigh tightness, calf pain or tense shoulders. 
  • Improves blood flow. If you’ve spent all day sitting at a desk, there’s a good chance that your circulation is not at its best. While it’s no substitute for proper exercise, a massager can help to stimulate your blood flow after a long day, increasing oxygen levels in the body and relieving tension in the muscles. It’s also easy and light to hold with an ergonomic handle, so you can get to awkward-to-reach spots without straining your muscles. 
  • Enhances lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is one of the unsung heroes of your body’s self-healing capabilities, constantly detoxifying and fighting infection. However, the lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump, so staying inactive for a long time can cause the lymph to become stagnant, which can make you feel tired and groggy. The Dr Graeme Massager is a great tool to stimulate lymphatic circulation as its rubberised head is perfect for gentle stimulation all over the body. Make sure you direct all movements towards your heart, as this is the natural direction of the lymphatic system. 
  • Reduces stress. We all know that a massage can help your mental health and make it easier to relax. With a handheld massager, you can reap all the benefits of a massage and you don’t even have to leave your home. With three choices of detachable heads, it’s up to you whether you want a gentle all-over massage or to pay attention to a localised area of sore muscle. The Dr Graeme Massager doesn’t require a lot of physical pressure or massage expertise to be effective, so it’s perfect for self-care. 


Dr Graeme massagers are available at 111 Queens Road Brighton for £59. 

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