Why is water good for your back?

Healthy spinal discs contain about 80% water. There are two parts of a disc. A tough outer ring of ligament fibers called the Annulus Fribosus, and a jelly-filled inner core called the nucleus pulposus. The jelly-filled center is made up of collagen and, water. Both the outer shell and inner core work together to absorb shock and support the spine.

During the day, as gravity affects your spine, water is squeezed out of the discs which then leads to back pain. When your spinal discs aren’t hydrated, they can’t protect and support your spine as they should.

Try to drink two litres of water daily to stay hydrated.

Our hydration requirements change as we age? Water is one of the most critical elements, with up to 60% of the human body made of water. Keeping hydrated is essential for the normal function of our bodies. So, monitoring how much we drink is very important.

According to Mobility PlusA recent study published in The Journal of Physiology found hydration plays an essential role in managing body temperature and fighting off a range of health issues. With water used by every cell in our body, we must take care to fend off dehydration, especially as we approach the warmer months in summer.”

Spine Universe writes that there are certain chronic pain conditions that can be worsened by dehydration and these include headaches, migraines, arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia, and overall stiffness.

Other fluids, like juice and decaf tea, do count however coffee does not count as over four cups of caffeinated coffee is a diuretic, .

Source: Spine Universe,

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