7 Best Tips For Camping With A Bad Back

Camping can hurt.

There’s no doubt it’s also fun and gets you out in the open air, but it can take a toll on the back and neck.

It’s not surprising, though: you’re spending several days in unusual living conditions, sleeping on a different surface and perhaps carrying large packs.

So here are 7 tips to protect your back and neck whilst camping.

  1. Pack your things into several small bags to spread the weight of the load.
  2. Take breaks on the way – whether you’re driving, taking a train or coach, make sure you walk about and stretch when you can.
  3. Stretch before you pitch that tent – avoid building up tension in your muscles and don’t overreach your normal range. Stay calm! There’s plenty of time.
  4. Bend at the knees not the waist when you lift, and carry loads close to the body when you’re moving heavy stuff (big packs of water or charcoal, for example).
  5. Picnic tables and chairs should be stable and of normal height.
  6. If you can, raise your stove higher, using a (fire-proof) stable surface. Stooping for long periods over a cooking fire is painful.
  7. Choose your bedding carefully.

Best bedding for the campsite

A thick air-filled mattress is going to give you a better night’s sleep, of course, and you can look at examples in your local camping shops. Choose one with a fabric or memory foam top layer and an electric or battery operated pump.

To avoid waking up with a stiff neck, some people bring a favourite pillow from home, but be wary of stacking it on top of the integral air-filled head support of your mattress. High pillows are a frequent cause of neck pain, but it’s an individual preference as to what works for you. Experiment at home. Too high, and it increases pressure on the cervical spine and puts your whole body out of alignment; too low and it fails to support the head and neck. A cervical pillow may be a good investment – these are designed with two shallow bumps to support the head and neck separately.

Have a great trip and don’t forget to book in for a check up with us here at Sundial. We can make sure you’re mobile and healthy – and we’re always pleased to see you.


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