The Waiting Game: Unsettling booking delays

I am almost 73 years old and live with multiple medical complexities. When you discover measures are available to improve or even possibly sustain life, any delays receiving those measures can create tremendous added stress and anxiety. I have spoken to many people who, like me, are dealing with ...

Back Pain and The Menopause… What’s the Link?

The menopause is often associated with hot flushes and mood swings. But did you know that these hormonal fluctuations can lead to a higher incidence of back pain? Oestrogen plays an important role in maintaining skeletal health, promoting the activity of bone building ...

Preventing Spring and Summertime Sports Injuries

In the spring and summertime, several types of sports injuries are relatively common due to increased outdoor activities and participation in various sports. That can be anything from soccer and softball, to cycling and golf. Even partaking in things that might seem less strenuous like hiking ...

Obesity and Chronic Pain; What is the connection?

Obesity and Chronic pain are both serious health problems. Obesity is linked to various health issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension, but its relationship with chronic pain isn’t always highlighted in these discussions. In reality, the higher a person’s body mass index ...

Lost and Found – U.S. Pain Foundation

In 2006, two years after being diagnosed with a condition I had actually been born with called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I wrote a poem (below) to establish some grounding and normalcy in my life. It had been a long, unacceptable wait to finally receive the diagnosis followed by a huge slap in the ...

What To Do About Shoulder Pain When Breathing

Shoulder pain when breathing CAN be relieved.Sarah Key explains what may be causing it, and demonstrates how you can help yourself at home. People often refer to a pain in the shoulder or shoulder blade, when what they really mean is a 'back shoulder pain'. And while it is almost ...

A Guide for Healthy Yoga Stretching

Hi there to any gardeners! Here's a simple guide to a few yoga stretch exercises you can do before, during, and after your gardening session to bring clarity, grace, flexibility, and ease to your life. Enjoy reading!-ShannonA Guide for Healthy Yoga Stretching Before, During, and After Gardening. ...

6 Types of Back Surgeries You Should Know

Back pain can be a challenging condition to diagnose and manage effectively. Sometimes, conservative treatments for back pain offer limited relief, or they may not work at all. Chronic back pain can significantly impact your ability to enjoy daily activities, work, or even rest comfortably. ...

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